Contractor Questionnaire

Project Description/Expression of Interest
The Southern Cross Transmission project will include:

  • A 40 mile long 345kV transmission line located in eastern Texas with an interconnecting switchyard adjacent to the Louisiana border
  • A high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station located in Louisiana at the Texas border
  • A nominal 400 miles long 500kV DC transmission line that will cross Louisiana and Mississippi
  • A second HVDC converter station located in Mississippi at the Alabama border
  • A 500kV AC switchyard located adjacent to the Mississippi converter station a nominal 1 mile long 500kV AC line that will connect with the local utility

The converter stations and switchyards will be furnished and installed by a consortium of Siemens and Mortenson Construction. However, there will be opportunities for other contractors to participate in the project, either with the construction of the transmission lines or with certain portions of the work that the Siemens/Mortenson consortium may elect to subcontract.

If you are a licensed contractor or a supplier and wish to participate in the SCT project, please register with us by providing the information requested below. Additional information may be needed at a later date for the Prime Contractor’s prequalification process Preference will be given to qualified local contractors and suppliers.

SCT Pre-qualification Questionnaire

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    Outline recent past experience. Provide for each reference the following: a) Project Name and location. b) A brief description of work. c) Approximate contract value. d) Company name, person and phone number to contact.
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    Unless granted an exemption, all contractors will be required to subscribe to "ISNetworld" (ISN) and submit the information requested by ISN.