Southern Cross line to spur $3.9B in economic benefits, study says

December 19, 2016

Pattern Energy Group LP’s proposed Southern Cross transmission line, which will link Texas wind power to part of the Southeast, could generate $3.9 billion
in direct and indirect economic benefits, according to estimates from accounting firm Moss Adams.

The study, which was released Dec. 19, said the privately funded project could produce nearly $1.5 billion in direct economic impacts from development and
construction and another $1.4 billion in indirect and “induced” impacts. The project will also create more than 650 jobs during the peak phase of construction.
Direct impacts include the cost incurred during development, construction and operation.

Local operations and maintenance expenditures will contribute another $633 million over 30 years, and the project will provide $441 million in property taxes
across Louisiana and Mississippi, where the line will run. Moss Adams estimated the two states will each receive about $1.05 billion in direct economic
impacts over 30 years from the project.

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